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Helicopters To Drones At The Aero

Aero 2013 showcases aviation from avionics to engines to drones.
Helicopters will be heavily represented at the AERO 2013, a global show for general aviation, April 24 to April 27. In addition to traditional helicopters from U.S. and European manufacturers, many gyrocopters, sales of which in the ultralight segment are currently booming, will also be on display.

Because of a change in aircraft regulations at the beginning of 2013, these light gyroplanes with no more than two seats can now weigh up to 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds), making it possible to carry more luggage or fuel on board. Although gyroplanes cannot take off and land vertically like helicopters, they still need much shorter distances to do so than traditional aircraft. Furthermore, the pilot’s license for an ultralight gyroplane is much simpler, faster and less expensive to obtain than one for a helicopter.

Also on display will be the new WM-50 light helicopter from Helipark, a German-Chinese joint venture. Exhibitors are also offering information about training to become a private or professional helicopter pilot and other job opportunities in the helicopter industry.

 A special exhibition "Observe by Air" will presents civil applications and various projects in the field of unmanned and manned airborne research using drones.